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Our security professionals are trained to assess and anticipate danger and to act with confidence in all situations.


Each member of our security staff is subjected to a thorough background check and provided with rigorous and continuing training in security and protection measures to ensure the highest level of client service.

  • Our security personnel are comprised of the most highly trained and skilled guards that can patrol and monitor from anywhere within, or outside, your facilities.

  • In combination with their formidable security industry experience and training, our security personnel often have police or military experience.



Construction site security services are essential for protecting your property. With a large supply of expensive equipment and materials, the construction industry is commonly targeted for theft and vandalism. Our officers will put systems in place to protect against property damage and construction site theft which will save your company time and money in the long run.


Our on-site security officers protect properties, assets, staff and residents in private or public environments. They are trained to detect, deter, and respond to risks and incidents. They help make your world a safer place. 


Mobile guarding is a cost-effective protective service for small and medium-sized businesses. Mobile patrol inspections allow security guards to check in at your property at random, yet regimented times. Our mobile security officers will provide regular patrol rounds, call-out services and the opening and closing of business premises.  


We offer event security for events of any size.  We will work with you to create a safe environment for your event, staff and patrons. Our officers will create a security plan that takes into account the numerous factors of your event. Our officers can patrol the event premises, manage access, handle disorderly patrons and more. ​ We can provide licensed armed or unarmed officers based on your event’s needs and your preferences. ​ 
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We understand the concerns and challenges your company faces and the ever-increasing need for security in malls, shopping centers and other retail establishments. Our officers will provide security to all business and strive to provide an excellent customer service experience.


Our Security officers can handle unruly guests or visitors and prevent negative situations from spiraling out of control. Our Officers can also provide additional protection to VIP or controversial guests of the hotel that might attract public attention or protests.
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